03 November 2009

Halloween Story- Little Red Riding Hood

   Once upon a time this woman who was known for the red riding cloak she wore everywhere, awoke with a knock on her cottage door. She wasn't really sleeping, just in a state of meditation for vampires really don't sleep. When Red opened her door, her cousin was standing there. It was a pitch black night with only a hint of thunder in the distance. A vampire's eyesight made the night like day, nothing hindered their vision. Red's cousin was at the door, she never said a word, just handed her an ornate bone scroll case sealed with red wax and a black satin ribbon. Red's cousin, with no sound and with the swiftness of the wind, disappeared from Red's sight.

   Red opend the scroll and quickly read the letter inside. Her grandmother was sick. Red knew that she must visit her grandmother; to be that old of a vampire and sick was very rare. Red filled her basket with treats and trinkets to help her Grandmother feel better. After this she put on her red riding cloak and headed towards Grandmother's house; just then one lightning bolt streaked across the sky.

   This forest was scary even for a vampire. It was filled with werewolves and hunters alike, each looking for their next kill. Red, though, grew up not knowing the dangers. Red was moving through the forest enjoying each moment of the sights and sounds of the forest at night.

   While on her way to Grandmother's house, Red came across the Big Bad Werewolf. He called to her, "Hey, young vampire were are you going?"

   "I'm going to my Grandmother's house. She is sick," answerd Red.

   The Big Bad Werewolf continued, "I could go with you to protect you from the hunters." The Big Bad Werewolf only wanted to eat Red.

   "That's okay. I'm almost to Grandmother's house." responded Red.

   The Big Bad Werewolf seeing a chance to eat Red through trickery decided to let her go. "You better hurry up then, young vampire." With that the Big Bad Werewolf disappeared into the forest.

   When Red got to Grandmother's house, she noticed smoke coming from the chimney. The door was oddly left open just a tiny bit, so that when Red knocked the door opened. Red just went in, it was her Grandmother's house after all. The place was a little unkept, this was not like Red's Grandmother. Grandmother was a very tidy person adn spent much of her immortal life cleaning. The room was dark except for a couple candles, but Red noticed a wine glass set out for her. She drank from the glass and marveled at the taste of the blood. Red had never tasted blood so invigorating.

    With glas in hand Red went to where Grandmother would lay down. When she saw her Grandmother, Red became even more suspicious. she acted as though she hadn't noticed anything unusual. "Grandmother, I'm sorry that your sick and I couldn't get here sooner. How are you feeling?" Red asked.

  The Big Bad Werewolf disguised as Grandmother answered, "Come closer love. This sickness has made my eyesight weak."

   As Red moved closer she became almost sure that this wasn't her Grandmother. Moving into a place to see Grandmother better, she questioned the imposter, "Why, Grandmother what big eyes you have now?"

   "Well, when I am better I shall be able to see you better, my love," answered the disguised Big Bad Werewolf.

   Red's next question came quickly, "Why, Grandmother what big ears you have now?"

   "Well, when I am better I shall be able to hear you better, my love." replied the Big Bad Werewolf.

   "Why Grandmother what big teeth you have now?" came Red's final question.

   "Well, when I am done digesting your Grandmother I will be able to eat you better, my love." With that the Big Bad Werewolf knew that he had been found out. He leaped at Red and because she moved with vampire speed, missed. The Big Bad Werewolf crashed into Grandmother's closet, where what remained of Grandmother fell out, along with many wine glasses filled with her blood.

   Red ran away into the dark forest were the lightning storm was in full bloom. The Big Bad Werewolf tracked Red down and cornered her with no sign of escape. Just then it sounded like thunder was right behind the Big Bad Werewolf. A few moments later another sound of thunder, then another, and one last sound. Four sounds in total and then the Big Bad Werewolf fell over dead.

   Red still not sure what was happening, stayed still. About half a minute passed and then one of those hunters came into sight. Red knew he would kill her too, so she hid her face under the hood of her red riding cloak.

   "Hello there young lady, are you okay?" came the calm yet excited voice of the hunter. Red just stayed hidden and quiet. The hunter moved closer, to try and comfort Red. When he came close enough, Red leaped at him, bit his neck and drank the hunter till no blood remained.

           THE END

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