28 January 2010

iPad: My over-rated opinion

It is a niche market thing. I know does things to try and plan for the future and they have really intelligent people to do that, they are also good at whipping up a frenzy of consumer-minded buyers to aimlessly buy their products.

Also with the lock in with itunes and how all the software is becoming proprietary it is becoming almost a monopoly. I remember when Microsoft was sued for monopolizing when Internet Explorer was not allowed to be uninstalled from Windows. With how all the non-computer devices are becoming more locked to other programs not iTunes Apple is slowly locking people in in a similar manner to Microsoft.

Its not so much the device itself that I am not excited about, (but also think about such a device that uses transparent Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) it can become super handy and the tech for smart cars is almost ready on a consumer level. Combine that with the Tesla Motors all electric cars and the self-adjusting cruise control with cameras on higher end luxury cars and then there is a vehicle that has a very low carbon foot print that is easy to use.... See More

Or in the medical field instead of paper charts everything because information stored on a server that is interfaced with on a mobile device. The iPhone does this already, but the bigger screen is handy when looking at x-rays, cat scans, or mri layouts

I am just not a fan of taking away choice. And I see the iPad as another step in creating a rabid corporate culture that divides people because of how emotional people get attached to a product. That's just a thing of human nature, but is it really wise to exploit it for money?

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