06 October 2009

New Phase: A Waxing Life

The turbulence of drama and others' bad decisions leads me to betterment for myself. And sometimes it gets started when you wake up one morning finding out that a person you lived with, flipped their attitude over in a moment and started aggressively asking you to leave. Stating they had legal right to kick you out in less than 24 hours, to move your stuff, and to lock you out. Sounds like an introduction to either an anger driven drama or the possibility of a murder mystery. Thankfully it was more of the first, well out of those two choices thankfully, but in the middle of all of this a response of mine to this guy was, "If you wanted me to go you could have just asked, but since you want to pursue it the legal way, make sure you do it completely by ORS 90." I doubt that will happen. The reason given for this kind of treatment, "I'm protecting my credit score." I did tell this guy that I would be unable to pay my portion of the rent until the 15th. This 'friend' then promptly tries to kick me out and states, "Go be homeless and have a happy life." No this guy shouts that he is a christian, wasn't it this kind of treatment that cause Ghandi to say, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christian are so unlike your Christ."?

This guy made his choice, showed what was inside himself, and now he will have his harvest of the seeds he had sown. His choice was not a reflection of the Christ living within him or how it has affected his life. The only thing, even more so as I reflect upon his personality, that is shown in this former friend is the fact that outward appearances is what drives his interaction with people. A white-washed tomb. Grace bombs fall. No blame is inside of me toward the community that also wears that label or the man it speaks of. Sometimes others put me into this community of Christians, I just enjoy hanging out with the man Jesus.

This may seem a little disjointed, but that is because my mind is still reeling and whirling. This is just another step in showing what it would take within a small, family group to maintain a peace. The initial reaction would be to create rules to follow and have a severe punishment if they weren't followed. Does this really bring about an inward change and make every action a work of love? Typically not. So what would then? Possibly creating a time, a place, or something like there were people can speak their mind freely, let the feelings out; then as a family discuss how it can be rememdied and then together work it out.

To end this short update, this guy who's name is Greg Bennett, is someone who's pride keeps pulling him deeper into hell and slaps away any hand extended to help. Only Jesus can reach him now, this man has rejected his agents.

(At least from my experience)

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.- Mahatma Ghandi

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